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Llewellyn, Douglas

Douglas J. Llewellyn

Inquiry- & Argument-Based Teaching in the Science Classroom Differentiating Science Instruction Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards Douglass Llewellyn …

Keeley, Page

Page D. Keeley

Science Formative Assessment: Join Page Keeley as she explores the link between the Next-Generation Science Standards and best practices for formative assessment in science—only by …

Sneider, Cary

Cary I. Sneider

Generation Science Standards: This seminar draws from … science classroom … Science Standards Cary Sneider has been a K-12 …

Reason, Casey

Casey S. Reason

Workshops The Deeply Connected PLC!—The New Science of Better … the science of learning to develop a positive, engaging school …

Burke, James

James Robert Burke

day-to-day practice across English language arts, social studies, science, and …

Frederick M. Hess

learning engineer. Using cutting-edge research about the science of learning …

Moore, Sara

Sara Delano Moore

of mathematics and science in the elementary and middle grades … Science at ETA hand2mind. Her journal articles appear in Mathematics … Mathematics, Science & Children, and Science Scope. Sara is a …