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Lyle L. Jenkins

Jenkins, Lyle

Lee Jenkins is a full-time author, consultant and speaker with his Scottsdale, Arizona firm, From LtoJ Consulting Group, Inc. His earlier career was in the public schools of California as a district superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, math coordinator and teacher. In addition he was a professor/administrator for Oregon State University for five years. He received a Ph.D. from The Claremont Graduate University, a master’s degree from California State University/San Jose and a bachelor's degree from Point Loma Nazarene University. Lee’s speaking engagements have taken him to most USA states, Canada, India, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, and Chile.  He offers keynotes, breakout sessions, and 1-3 day seminars.

Areas of expertise
  • How to dismantle the cram/get-a-grade/forget process
  • How to create classrooms that function as teams
  • How to flip the pressure: students pressure teachers to teach more
  • How to increase principal involvement in student learning
  • How to replace “mastery” with continuous improvement
  • How to create the very accurate dichotomous rubrics
  • How “continuous improvement” can become a leader’s most powerful asset
  • How to use data, from a continuous improvement perspective
  • How to involve everyone in the strategic planning
  • How to engage K-12 students with joyful classroom data
  • How to use Excel to display 5 years of results data on one sheet of paper
  • How to move from chaos to order with alignment and stabilization of curriculum
  • How to use continuous improvement in both finance and personnel offices
  • How to maintain the kindergarten level of learning enthusiasm through all the grades



Dr. Jenkins conducts 1-3 day seminars plus keynotes. His Student Engagement keynotes are entitled, "The Secret of Student Engagement Revealed," "Continuous Improvement: The Help and Hope for Education," and "What it Takes to Create Student Expert Learners."

What People Are Saying:

"Really well done! Many techniques that I will use in my classroom."

"[Mr. Jenkins] did an excellent job. He makes very good points and gave me some great ideas to use with my teachers."

"Been using his model for six years, first in science then in math. It works!"

"The presentation was great and I'm happy to take this information to share with my school and classroom."

-Reviews from participants in Mr. Jenkins' "Formative Assessments Done Right" session, Albuquerque, NM

"I am so appreciative of your message and process taking into account not just the academic learning, but also the psychology of it all, including the basic human need for hope and a sense of self-efficacy. Our teachers were highly engaged and the majority of them stayed long after the workshop ended, to collaboratively plan for using L to J next year. Thank you so much for this excellent learning opportunity with you!"

Tracy Heilman Kennedy, District School Improvement Coordinator

South Sioux City Community Schools