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The Research Behind the Professional Learning


PLC+ Book Cover_Updated

Better Decisions and Greater Impact by Design
Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Almarode, Karen Flories, Dave Nagel

PLC+ calls for strong and effective PLCs plus—and that plus is YOU. Until now, the PLC movement has been focused almost exclusively on students and what they were or were not learning. But keeping student learning at the forefront requires that we also recognize the vital role that you play in the equation of teaching and learning. This means that PLCs must take on two additional challenges: maximizing your individual expertise, while harnessing the power of the collaborative expertise you can develop with your peers.

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PLC+ Playbook Cover_Updated

The PLC+ Playbook, Grades K-12
A Hands-on Guide to Collectively Improving Student Learning
Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Almarode, Karen Flories, Dave Nagel

Help your PLC+ group to work wiser, not harder. This practical guide to planning and implementing PLC+ groups in a collaborative setting is designed to equip professional learning communities with the tools they need to work effectively toward improving student learning.   

Designed as an accompanying resource to PLC+: Better Decisions and Greater Impact by Design, the Playbook helps educators bring the PLC+ framework to life by supporting teams as they answer the five guiding questions that comprise a PLC+: 

  1.  Where are we going?
  2.  Where are we now?
  3. . How do we move learning forward?
  4. . What did we learn today?
  5.  Who benefited and who did not benefit?

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The PLC+ Activator's Guide

The PLC+ Activator's Guide
Dave Nagel, John Almarode, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Karen Flories

High functioning PLCs don’t happen by chance. They require deliberate efforts and structures put in place to ensure they are efficient, focused, and ignite action in a PLC team. PLC+ asks PLC teams to engage in sometimes difficult discussions about things like equity and professional learning needs. To do all this well,  they need skilled facilitators. The PLC+ Activator’s Guide helps activators keep discussions focused on goals and on what the team needs to do to move forward. It offers practical advice, real-life scenarios, and examples that show activators what to expect and how to navigate the group on a successful journey.



What is the Plus in PLC+? 

What motivated you to create the PLC+ framework? 

Where will PLC+ have the greatest impact? 



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