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3 Results Found for "Canada%20Event"

Virtual Distance Learning Playbook Institute - Western Canada

Based on Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Hattie's title, The Distance Learning Playbook, this Institute, led by Vince Bustamante and Yana Ioffe, provides a clear plan for educators to be intentional and purposeful as we begin to re-open schools—whether that be physically or remotely. Building on key insights of the Visible Learning® research, attendees will explore the implementation of distance learning teaching practices that focus on credibility, creating learning experiences that are meaningful, and feedback that increases impact.

Zoom | Apr 24, 2021

$199 CAD per person 

Making Learning Visible: Teaching Pathway

The Visible Learning+ Making Learning Visible: Teaching Pathway places emphasis on great teaching which begins with deliberate decisions made with the intention to design learning that will positively impact students. This pathway presents a system of implementation for teachers to reflect on the impact they make on their students through a process of implementation and evaluation.

Zoom | Apr 14 - Apr 15, 2021

Early Bird Pricing (if registered by March 15): $199 CAD per person

General Pricing: $249 CAD per person

2021 Annual Visible Learning Conference

Get ready for the 2021 Annual Visible Learning Conference where the greatest minds in education gather and share insights from the world’s leading research to improve learning! Check back for next year's theme!

Zoom | Jul 20 - Jul 23, 2021

Pre Conference: $299 per person

Post Conference: $299 person

Main Event Only: $499 per person