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Howard M. Knoff

Knoff, Howard

Howard M. Knoff is a full-time national consultant, author, and presenter on topics such as school reform and organizational change,  school safety, social skills, and Response to Intervention and multi-tiered service and support systems.  Dr. Knoff has trained over 1,500 schools or school districts over a 25-year career.  

Areas of expertise
  • Positive Behavior Support Systems
  • RTI
  • Multi-Tiered
  • Instruction
  • Classroom Management


  • Behavioral Interventions for Challenging Students: This seminar offers practical, field-tested classroom interventions that can be strategically implemented to decrease inappropriate behavior, increase productive behavior, and (re)establish positive classroom interactions.

What People are Saying

“Dr. Howie Knoff, through his evidence-based Project ACHIEVE model, provided our district with shoulder-to-shoulder professional development that was timely, job-embedded, practical, time-sensitive, consistent, and measurable. Project ACHIEVE helped to integrate our problem solving, team building, functional assessment, behavior supports and interventions, instructional consultation, and family and staff involvement at the school, staff, and student levels. Through Project ACHIEVE and Dr. Knoff’s expertise, school climate and culture changed positively, students demonstrated and modeled effective social skills, behavior improved, and enhanced academic achievement was realized.”

Matthew J. Kamins, School Psychologist
Montgomery County (MD) School District

“Dr. Howie Knoff has worked with our school districts through aligned professional development, individual teacher and administrator consultation, and technical assistance through distance learning and archived webinars. Through his evidence-based Project ACHIEVE model and 30 years of experience in diverse settings, cultures, and organizational circumstances, he has provided the tools that have enabled our school districts to create positive school environments. His Positive Behavioral Support activities have revolutionized the concept of working with youth and reacting to discipline issues. Dr. Knoff is considered one of the key guiding educational forces in our county.  His books, including his School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management, are on the shelves of Shelby County counselors and administrators, and read or discussed continually. He is a leading resource for our educators—and, ultimately, our students.”

Sybil Truster, Director of Administrative Services
Shelby County (OH) Educational Service Center

“As a program evaluator on three large-scale and multi-year projects with Dr. Knoff, I can tell you that his is like no other program I have evaluated.  While many programs are implemented in a top down fashion, Dr. Knoff begins with a classroom management feature that wins quick support from teachers.  Through his consultation and “hands-on” processes, teachers quickly see that their lives will be easier in their classrooms, and that results can be practical and possible. Dr. Knoff provides all of his training in a flexible framework rather than a script.  I have seen him adapt his methods to suit the local context many times.  His framework is scientifically based, which means that as long as the underlying science is maintained, his methods can match peoples’ needs. I highly recommend Dr. Knoff's approach to any school that wants its professional development to actually change teachers’ behaviors into the classroom.  The most striking outcome was observing how teachers felt empowered to be the professionals they wish to be.”

Curtis J. Mearns Ph. D., Program Evaluator
Apex Education, Albuquerque, NM