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Casey S. Reason

Reason, Casey

Author, leadership trainer, and consultant Dr. Casey Reason has worked with leaders and schools throughout the world and has consulted with numerous large corporate clients on breakthrough strategies designed to improve performance and overcome resistance to change. His consulting company specializes in curriculum development, training, and instructional design. In the educational arena, Casey has served in such positions as principal, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, and Core Content Curriculum Manager.

Areas of expertise
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Design


  • The Deeply Connected PLC!—The New Science of Better Collaboration, Team Learning, and Improved Student Achievement: Are you looking for new and creative ways to take your school’s performance to the next level?  Come joint this fun, highly interactive workshop and learn how to improve student achievement by building better teams and using what we know about brain research to get connected, creative, and innovative.
  • Developing School Culture in a PLC!—How the Right Learning Conditions Can Improve the Performance of Students and Teachers Alike: Does your school culture stimulate learning?  Come discover how to improve learning conditions from the classroom to the principal’s office, resulting in improved test scores and better learning outcomes.  You will learn how to apply what we know about the science of learning to develop a positive, engaging school culture.
  • Teacher-Led Change in a PLC!—Teacher Leadership as a Tactical Force for Innovation and Improved Student Achievement: The creative power of teachers is the key to improving your school’s performance and the success of your professional learning community.   Here, you will not only discover new roles and opportunities to lead and be empowered, but will redefine what’s possible, rediscover your love for teaching, and rethink your contribution. 

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