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Most educators agree that the goal of school-based coaching is to improve student learning by providing continuous, relevant, and job-embedded support to teachers. While instructional coaching began as a cutting-edge innovation in the early 1990s, today it is a common support that exists in many schools across the country. An instructional coaching program can provide a valuable opportunity to boost teacher growth and improve student learning.

Though many educators will gladly testify to the benefits of school-based coaching, questions still persist about its effectiveness. Many coaches fret about their impact, worrying that though they are very busy, they aren’t quite sure how their daily effort is making a difference with students. Many coaching programs struggle and underperform, leaving school leaders wanting more out of their coaches. Some schools may have formal coaches in place or specialists in a coaching role, but they often lack a clear model. And in some cases, schools are simply not seeing measurable results.



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Student-Centered Coaching is grounded in the simple but powerful premise: school-based coaching can be designed to directly impact student learning. When the focus is shifted from ‘fixing’ teachers to collaborating with them in designing instruction that targets student learning, coaching becomes both more respectful and more results-based.

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