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Why Building Resilience

The Building Resilience professional learning series supports educators in addressing the behavioral and social-emotional needs of students, in ways that are trauma-informed and culturally responsive.


What You’ll Learn

  • Deepen your understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma on students’ learning and behavior
  • Expand your capacity to foster resilience and success for your students and yourself.
  • Gain strategies for cultivating self-awareness, growth mindset, resiliency, and self-care
  • View student behavior as a form of communication and implement strategies to address students' social-emotional and behavioral needs
  • Develop multi-tiered strategies to support the behavioral, social-emotional, and academic success of all students, especially those impacted by ACEs and trauma
  • Develop action plans to implement a trauma-informed multi-tiered system of supports within your school that integrates social-emotional learning, restorative practices, and trauma-responsive care

Professional Learning Workshops

Taking a whole-school approach based on a trauma-informed model allows for the holistic needs of all students and staff to be addressed as a community. These virtual or in-person consulting sessions will provide school teams with a clear vision for implementing a trauma-informed system of support that collectively fosters resilience and success for students and staff.


Sample Sessions

Educator Well-Being and Efficacy/Effectiveness
Develop schoolwide or districtwide practices to support educator well-being, retention, and effectiveness.

Trauma Informed Social-Emotional Learning
Understand the impact of a student’s cumulative experience with trauma, social emotional learning, and equity.

Tier One Practices and Tier Two Interventions
Look at a schoolwide “ready to learn” process for responding to challenging behaviors.

Tier Three Supports to Transform Your Systems
Understand systems that are developed, implemented, monitored, and maintained by teamwork using a multi-tiered, whole-staff approach.

All professional learning plans are customized to your school or district needs. Contact us for a sample PD plan. 




Team Coaching

Leverage coaching to increase impact, support the implementation process, and sustain the work. Customized coaching sessions build teachers' efficacy to address SEL and behavioral needs of students in ways that are trauma informed.

Coaching can help teams:

  • Tailor the work for your school site
  • Figure out what types of data to look at to assess the impact of the work
  • Look at how you are building the collective efficacy and effectiveness of your staff



Watch on demand: Adverse Childhood Experience Webinar



Meet the Consultants

Victoria Romero

Victoria Romero

Leadership, system change, equity

meet victoria

Ricky Robertson

Ricky Robertson

Behavior intervention, instruction, restorative practice, MTSS

Meet ricky

What Clients Are Saying

“Ricky, Amber and Victoria created a space where participants could dive into the material in a way that left them understanding not only how trauma effects our students but also inspired to make change. Several participants noted how it was the best professional development they have ever attended."

—David Fendel, Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning, Contra Costa County Office of Education, CA

“Our amazing school staff are already very kind and patient when working with students. However, obtaining the evidence-based research that confirms the devastating and lasting effects of ACEs rekindled our passion (despite the symptoms of burn out) to connect and support our kids so they can be strong, continue to enjoy learning, and be lifetime thrivers. Getting more tools in our tool bag is like getting gold!”

—Esther Hunter, Educator, Eagle Point School District, OR

"We were so appreciative to have Victoria, Amber and Ricky engage a large group of behavior interventionists, counselors, teacher leaders and administrators from across our PreK-12 system in four days of amazing professional learning tailored to meet the needs and context of our district. The learning deepened our understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experience and trauma on students' learning and behavior, as well as provided a variety of ways to cultivate self-awareness, growth mindset and self-care. Our team valued the authentic application Victoria, Amber and Ricky shared from their own experiences, the intentional connections made to our district's strategic plan, and the opportunities throughout the workshop to collaborate and practice around case studies and strategies focused on behavioral, social-emotional, and academic success of students throughout a Multi-tiered System of Supports."

—Michelle Lettington, Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, West Des Moines Community School District, IA



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