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Professional Learning with Measurable Impact

So, you’ve done the hard work to prepare for your professional development efforts. You have a plan for the delivery of that professional development that includes not only the workshops to build the knowledge as well as the implementation and coaching days needed to ensure your educators can best transfer what they’ve learned to their classrooms. How do you make sure the plan is effective and leads to the success of teachers and students?

That’s where Corwin’s Efficacy Model comes in. Our model is focused on creating multiple touchpoints along your professional learning journey, so you can assess the program’s efficacy and impact. Instead of summarizing your efforts after the fact, our process allows for formative assessments along the course of your plan as it’s happening, offering the opportunity to adjust course to best meet your goals.

Dashboards & Surveys

Corwin’s impact survey and data dashboard allow you to monitor your district’s progress toward achieving professional learning goals. These real-time feedback loops allow you to build individual and collective efficacy across your district based on visible, measurable results.

Where do you want to take your school or district? Work with Corwin to know you’re heading in the right direction and measure your impact along the way.

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