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Learning Intentions and Success Criteria Workshops

Renowned expert Larry Ainsworth, in partnership with Corwin, has developed two new seminars to create heightened levels of clarity regarding the learning intentions and success criteria - or the destination and roadmap - of teaching and learning.


Teacher Clarity Workshop Series

The Teacher Clarity Playbook Series

Build clarity around standards and learning through teacher collaboration

When learning is organized and intentional, and when the learner knows what he or she is learning, great things can happen.

Common Formative Assessments 2.0 Alignment

The Links Between the Research

Many Corwin programs are natural extensions of the Visible Learning research. Deepen your school change efforts with Larry Ainsworth’s CFA 2.0. Teacher clarity has an effect size of .75: “Spend more time working through their notions of what success looks like in terms of the balance of surface and deep before they teach the lesson” (p. 86). The table below illustrates ways in which CFA 2.0 supports teacher clarity.



Our Approach to Equity

We acknowledge that disrupting predictable academic outcomes for historically underserved students requires the commitment and collaboration of multiple stakeholders, including classroom teachers, administrators, support staff, and policy makers as well as parents and community organizations. Consequently, our professional learning consulting services are aimed at a range of stakeholders from all levels of the education enterprise.

Collective Equity

The Collective Equity Framework

The Collective Equity framework is built with practical strategies and tools to catalyze educators around the work of repairing the damage that has been caused by inequitable systems across generations and to create conditions in which all members of the community can thrive. The framework is built upon shared accountability where truths are identified, explored, and reckoned with and where individual cultural experiences are valued.

Youth Equity Stewardship (YES)

Youth Equity Stewardship Foundations

YES Outcomes

Through the 5 Phases of YES, students will gain the skills, training, and empowerment necessary to help recognize educational disparities and become active contributors to bottom-up school improvement efforts.

Visible Learning+


Accelerate Student Learning by Focusing on What Works Best

Connect and harmonize existing school and system initiatives, build internal capacity, and harness the collaborative energy of educators to accelerate student learning and maximize time, energy, resources, and impact.



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