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Visible Learning Foundation Series

Visible Learning+ Foundation Series

Build a Foundation

Designed to develop a cycle of inquiry and knowledge-building into your school professional learning process, the Foundation Series will help you focus your time, energy, and resources on what is having the greatest impact on your students' learning. 

During this series of three professional learning series, you will engage with the high-impact practices from the Visible LearningTM research and learn how to collect evidence of the extent to which these practices are present in your school or classroom. You will then collect data from within your school or classroom for 60 days and create an action plan for your first impact cycle.




Foundation Series 

When Do I Take the Foundation Series?

During the School Impact Process, leaders and teachers all take the Foundation Day professional learning session as the beginning of their Visible Learning journey. Leaders then take Evidence Into Action 1 & 2 to develop a school or systemwide impact cycle, while teachers take Visible Learning Into Action 1 & 2 to develop impact cycles in their own classrooms.



Professional Learning Sessions

Foundation Day

Leaders and teachers will examine the Visible Learning research and what makes a significant impact on student achievement.

Leaders take:

Evidence Into Action 1

Develop a plan to collect evidence at your school.

Evidence Into Action 2

Analyze your evidence and develop an action plan for your school or system.

Teachers take:

Visible Learning Into Action 1

Develop a plan to collect evidence in your classroom.

Visible Learning Into Action 2

Analyze your evidence and develop an action plan for your classroom.



Foundation Series Outcomes

Student and teacher learning becomes visible so you can see what is and isn’t working and focus your time on what works best to accelerate learning.



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