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Visible Learning+ | Strands Guide


Find out how the Visible Learning strands power successful school change

What makes Visible Learning so powerful? Besides being evidence-based and backed by over 25 years of research, there are five key strands within the research that form the basis of how to evaluate your impact.

How We Measure Efficacy

Our Approach to Professional Learning

To achieve results, there needs to be a philosophy that intentionally guides the practices needed for those results to occur. At Corwin, we call this philosophy our Theory of Change.

What Is Teacher Clarity

What Is Teacher Clarity?

When teachers are clear in the expectations and instruction, students learn more.

Teacher clarity is both a method and a mindset, and it has an effect size of 0.84 (Hattie, 2022).

About Corwin Author Consulting

When you partner with Corwin, you can expect world-class training, superior customer service, and a sustainable professional learning plan completely tailored to your needs. The quality and breadth of expertise we offer with over 200 consultants each bringing years of experience in education is unparalleled. Whether you are just getting started or you want to improve upon the work your team is already doing, you’ll want the ongoing support of our authors to keep you on track.