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Beautiful Questions in the Classroom

Beautiful Questions


Beautiful Questions in the Classroom


Begin Your Beautiful Questions Journey

Why does engagement plummet as learners advance in school? Why does the stream of questions from curious toddlers slow to a trickle as they become teenagers? Most importantly, what can teachers and schools do to reverse this trend? This inspirational book helps teachers develop a powerful teaching approach that creates a classroom full of student driven inquiry.


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         8 Questioning Superpowers Poster         


Transform your classroom into a culture of curiosity!

Why is questioning so important for student learning? Framing questions as a set of “superpowers” can help students explore, think like a ninja, discover new possibilities, create cool new things, and maybe even change the world.


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                                         Beautiful Questions Webinar

Arm your students to face the current climate of unkowns with the skills to not only take ownership of their learning, but also make sense of the world around them with a spirit of curiosity and inquiry.








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"Think of questioning as a trusty flashlight that we shine into the surrounding darkness of the unknown. Each question we ask illumninates a new area."







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