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with Larry Ainsworth

Renowned expert Larry Ainsworth, in partnership with Corwin, has developed two new seminars to create heightened levels of clarity regarding the learning intentions and success criteria - or the destination and roadmap - of teaching and learning.


Triple your students' rate of academic growth in the span of one year

These new engaging, hands-on seminars, accompanied by critical implementation days, will provide classroom educators and school leaders with a step-by-step process to ensure that teachers are absolutely clear about what their students need to learn, why they are learning it, and how they will learn it. The Learning Intentions and Success Criteria (LISC) series will assist educators in gaining a deeper understanding around teacher clarity, which in turn will help them better articulate to their students what they want them to learn and be able to accomplish within a unit of study. With this clarity surrounding their learning goals, which provide the sharp focus for both instruction and assessment, teachers can achieve the maximum possible impact on student learning. 


Day 1 Seminar

  • Define and describe learning intentions and success criteria using illustrative examples
  • Explain the rationale for determining learning intentions and success criteria in advance of instructional planning and assessment design
  • Apply the process of creating learning intentions and success criteria to a single standard in focus within a unit of study
  • Break a learning intention into learning progressions and related success criteria

Implementation Days

In these highly-engaging and hands-on implementation days, participants will work collaboratively with their teams to create additional learning intentions, success criteria, and learning progressions for other units of study. These support days will also help to clarify any questions, provide feedback on participant work products, and offer other opportunities for coaching and modeling.

Day 2 Seminar

  • Create learning intentions, success criteria, and learning progressions for multiple standards within a participant-selected unit of study
  • Create an action plan for introducing learning intentions and success criteria to students, collaborative grade- or course-level teams, school faculty, and/or the entire district
  • Create for students an introductory example that includes: Standard for Instructional Focus, Student-Friendly Learning Intention, Rationale, and Success Criteria 

Meet the LISC consultants


LISC attendees will leave with:

  • Fully developed learning intentions and success criteria written in student-friendly wording for standards in selected units of study
  • Identified reasons why it's important for students and teachers to achieve this learning intention
  • A sequence of learning progressions as "building blocks" to the learning intention
  • Specific success criteria matched to selected learning progressions
  • A set of tools for use during and after the seminars, that include:
    1. LISC templates
    2. Worked examples for standards in different content areas
    3. Checklist of key criteria for each step in the process
    4. Next steps action plan for implementing LISC 

Step 2: Co-Constructing Success Criteria


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