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Common Formative Assessments 2.0 Alignment

The Links Between the Research

Many Corwin programs are natural extensions of the Visible Learning research. Deepen your school change efforts with Larry Ainsworth’s CFA 2.0. Teacher clarity has an effect size of .75: “Spend more time working through their notions of what success looks like in terms of the balance of surface and deep before they teach the lesson” (p. 86). The table below illustrates ways in which CFA 2.0 supports teacher clarity.


CFA 2.0 Workshops

Using the CFA 2.0 process, grade-level or course-level teacher teams collaboratively create unit-based assessments to assess student understanding of learning intentions derived from the standards. The process allows teachers to intentionally align their pre- and post-assessments and use the resulting student feedback as diagnostic data to adjust and differentiate instruction. 


CCR Success Stories

CCR Success Stories

Below you will find information that helps inform your decision to bring Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, or a member of their collaborative in for extended professional learning on Close & Critical Reading in your school or district.