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Deep Equity  PD Strands

On-site or virtual PD available

The Deep Equity School Leadership series is a multiyear facilitator “train-the-trainer” model designed to create School Leadership Teams that help develop strategies and implement PD activities that maximize instruction and student achievement and improve the climate and culture of classrooms at each school site. The facilitator training model ensures that the implementation of culturally responsive practices will become institutionalized in the social, academic, and disciplinary practices of the school.

Year 1 Overview

School Leadership Teams will acquire foundational content knowledge and build internal capacity to deliver high-quality, long-term, systemic PD to their colleagues.

Equity Leaders

  • Bring faculty and staff into deep engagement with equity and school improvement conversations in an authentic and non-threatening way
  • Engage in a variety of conversations that acknowledge, honor, and share each person’s cultural stories and experiences
  • Understand how cultural competence and culturally responsive practices show up in the classroom and the culture of the school
  • Explore of the historical and contemporary dynamics that have created and sustained systems of oppression, marginalization, and inequity
  • Focus on professional practice and the Culturally Responsive Practices Peer Observation Process by engaging in sample classroom observations and hearing the student perspective on what works and doesn’t work

    Year 2 Overview 

    Year 2 of the Deep Equity School Leadership Teams process is centered on implementation and impact. All School Leadership Teams are actively engaged in implementing the Deep Equity profession growth strategies with staff and leadership in their buildings, and the 7 Principles for Culturally Responsive Practices are embedded in each classroom.

    Leaders in Equity

    • School Leadership Teams will assess their work to date related to the 4 Levels of Deep Equity Outcomes, documenting progress made and identifying necessary next steps to be carried out during Year 2 and beyond
    • School Leadership Teams will report out on their implementation experiences, highlighting both their successes and their challenges, and sharing any materials or videos they have created to support their work
    • Facilitators will learn strategies for continuing to build tone and trust among and between the adults and students in their school, use protocols for engaging proactively in difficult equity conversations, and work out ways they can support colleagues who are struggling with the Deep Equity work


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    Deep Equity Leadership Series

    On-site or virtual PD available

    The Leadership Series is designed for leaders at every level in the organization and intended to run concurrently with Year 1 of the School Leadership Team model to build leaders’ capacity to support each school’s equity journey.

    Participants will learn how to:

    • Acknowledge and assess their current realities of the stages of growth in a leadership role
    • Apply a three-stage model for organizational transformation 
    • Examine data through an equity lens to reflect on staff, student, and system outcomes
    • Operationalize the 3 As of systemic equity work in relationship to organizational realities
    • Assess the equity environment of the organization using the Stages of Organizational Growth
    • Measure the impact of equity engagement and the result of Deep Equity transformation
    • Engage in assessing Deep Equity systemic shifts based on the Deep Equity Outcomes and plan for implementation of the Deep Equity work

    Deep Equity 3 As of Systemic Equity Work

     Three A's

    Integrating Deep Equity Outcomes with other district assessment processes and tracking those outcomes at both the school level and the district level.

    Creating processes to assure that all schools, departments, and employees are implementing the Deep equity work with fidelity.

    Ascertaining that the Deep Equity work is aligned across all other district initiatives, priorities, and policies. In collaboration with their principal and other school and district leaders, each School Team, over the course of Year 2, integrates the 3 A’s into their SIP goals and activities.


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    Culturally Responsive Practices Deep Dive Series

    On-site or virtual PD available

    Prerequisite: completion of Year 1 of the School Leadership Team model

    Culturally responsive educators teach and lead in such a way that more students, across more of their differences, achieve at a higher level and engage in deeper levels, more of the time without giving up who they are. Building on the Deep Equity foundation Days 1-7 sessions, this series provides participants with opportunities to apply research-based Culturally Responsive Practices to positively impact learning outcomes for all students.

    Participants will learn:


    • Research-based engagement strategies connected to the 7 Culturally Responsive Practices Principles.
    • The alignment between current districtwide initiatives and the Culturally Responsive Practices Principles
    • How to apply the 7 Principles of Culturally Responsive Practices to increase the engagement of all students
    • Classroom Meetings and their effectiveness in addressing culturally responsive practices principles
    • Specific steps to disrupt oppressive incidences in educational settings


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    Implementation Support & Coaching

    Virtual PD only

    School Leadership Team Virtual Coaching

    Coaching is based in an inquiry approach that leads to action, with strategies and a custom plan. Equity coaching and support can supplement the foundational Deep Equity days and allow the onsite work to continue moving forward.

    Deep Equity Leadership Virtual Coaching

    For educational leaders engaged in the Deep Equity Leadership workshop series

    Coaching sessions will focus on review, revisions, and implementation of equity goals. Leaders will bring evidence such as walkthrough data, student focus group data, efficacy data, teacher surveys, achievement/assessment data, or community/parent surveys. Certified consultants will support leaders in progress monitoring the impact of equity engagement and implementation.



    On-site or virtual PD available

    5 Foundational Phases of Deep Equity



    Working for Systemic Equity: A Five Phase Process (90 minutes)

    Learn about the Deep Equity process and how it supports school districts in eliminating educational disparities based on race, poverty, language, and other dimensions of difference. Gain strategies for engaging educators in authentic personal and professional growth related to cultural competence and culturally responsive practices.

    Leading for Equity (90 minutes)

    Explore key concepts for leading for equity and excellence that provide pathways for transforming professional and organizational cultures of learning. Examine essential elements for eliminating educational disparities based on poverty, race, language, and other dimensions of difference.

    Teaching and Leading for Inclusion, Equity and Excellence (90 minutes)

    This session provides a conceptual framework to guide leaders and teachers in their efforts to create a sustainable and systemic approach to educational equity using the Five Phases and the Seven Principles of Culturally Responsive Practices in the Deep Equity work. Participants are invited to share their own best practices and challenges related to equity.

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    In-District Certification

    Prerequisite: completion of Year 1 of School Leadership Team model

    Deep Equity Certification allows large school districts and regional educational service agencies to build the capacity of the organization to support and sustain long-term, authentic equity work. Participants who have completed Year 1 of School Leadership Team facilitator training are eligible for In-District Certification.

    Certified in-district Deep Equity trainers will have the ability to support and coach School Leadership Team members in the 5 phases of Deep Equity, train new cohorts in the School Leadership Team process, support districtwide equity initiatives, and facilitate deep implementation of culturally responsive practices at each school site.

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