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Evaluating Instructional Leadership Alignment

In the forward for Ray and Julie’s book, Evaluating Instructional Leadership, Professor John Hattie poses a question:

One of the greatest powers of a school leader is that they have the power to create the narrative in their schools. Is it a narrative of curriculum, test, scores, bus timetables, tracking—the peripherals of schools that need school on student learning—learning in the widest senses?

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We believe that student learning is directly affected by the professional learning culture we create.

Thanks to John Hattie’s Visible Learning research, we know that educators—people who impact nearly every teacher and student initiative in your school and district—MUST be adept in leveraging these high effect-size practices to create the greatest impact on student learning. It requires intentional strategy that is supported by three key elements: Culture, Clarity, and Collaboration.

Youth Equity Stewardship Structure

The Path to YES!

Youth Equity Stewardship Model

The five phases of Youth Equity Stewardship ignite a creative energy in students and staff to lead social change.


Making Sense of Learning Transfer

Making Sense of Learning Transfer

The workshop series that helps schools reimagine curriculum and instruction in ways that truly realize the promise of 21st century learning.

Learn practical ways to help students:

What is CFA 2.0?

Developed by Larry Ainsworth, the Common Formative Assessments 2.0 process has developed beyond the six steps outlined in the original program, and now includes four new steps for critiquing for quality using established assessment guidelines.