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Anderson, Steven

Steven W. Anderson

and learning process. When new technologies or instructional practices … teacher and Director of Instructional Technology he is highly sought after … they can better serve students through technology. Instructional

Sinanis, Tony

Tony Sinanis

Development: The expectation of being an effective transformational instructionalTechnology Mentoring Literacy Instruction Tony Sinanis is the Lead Learner of a 2012 National Blue …

Sanfelippo, Joseph

Joseph M. Sanfelippo

Reform Technology Program … Host of the Year. Instructional Leadership CA2 698820 …

Currie, Brad

Brad M. Currie

technology based tools to tell their stories, inform stakeholders, and promote … 2.0 tools. Sound pedagogical teaching coupled with innovative technologytechnology and good old fashioned collaboration in order to move staff forward …

Summey, Dustin

Dustin Coleman Summey

evolving technology … Dustin Summey is an instructional design specialist at the …

Tucker, Catlin

Catlin Rice Tucker

and strategies for weaving instructional mediums … flexibility of the online space to extend learning, differentiate instructionTechnology Integration: Are you overwhelmed by the idea of …

DeWitt, Peter

Peter M. DeWitt

pitfalls associated with technology. Attendees will be able to … Instruction Workshops:These workshops reveal proven teaching … small changes can make a big impact on moving towards better instruction

McDowell, Michael

Michael McDowell

Rigorous Deep Dive Session Instructional Coaching Institute: This two-day session walks instructional coaches and site principals … Instructional Leadership Instructional Growth Teacher …

Graham, Michael

Michael J. Graham

participants will learn how to maximize the technology integration components of … Mathematics standards say about technology, and how Google can help students … specific strategies to implement more technology into their curriculum while …

Jane E. Pollock

thinking,” is the message from the National Educational Technology Standards … of instruction to incorporate stages of learning new information and skills with inference and hypothesis by using technology as the "way to …