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Instructional Technology

Publish with Corwin. Instructional Technology … “Technology is here to stay. The ability to use it fluently, efficiently, and responsibly for learning is a critical skill that …

Dickens, Harry

Harry J. Dickens

Dickens is an Instructional Technology Consultant for several school districts … professional development classes on infusing technology into instruction … than 100 instructional technology trainers in Arkansas. Harry is also …

Burton, Dolores

Dolores T. Burton

differentiated instruction, action research, instructional technology and inclusive … development, using data to drive instruction, and the use of technology to teach … teacher education at New York Institute of Technology. She was a public …

Gonzalez, Alex

Alex Gonzalez

State University, and an instructional technology leader at Health … instructional purpose. Alejandro’s work has been published in practitioner books … nationally and internationally on school leadership, literacy instruction, and …

Merideth, Eunice

Eunice M. Merideth

Merideth received a doctorate in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from … leadership issues for over ten years. Merideth is a University Technologyinstruction at Drake University. She has written two books and numerous articles …

McCain, Ted

Ted McCain

Ted McCain is coordinator of instructional technology for … educational technology, and graphic design. In 1997, McCain received the Prime … a real-world technology curriculum that prepares students for employment in …

Gura, Mark

Mark L. Gura

extensively on the instructional applications of technology for ISTE … technology across the curriculum for the past 17 years o f his 35-year career as an educator. The former director of the Office of Instructional

Henderson-Rosser, Aleigha

Aleigha Henderson-Rosser

serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Technology in … Learning keeps her close to the work of Instructional Technology as … Instructional Technology Specialist, Coordinator of Professional Learning and …

Green, Timothy (Tim)

Timothy D. Green

Timothy D. Green holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology and Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana University … of technology into the teaching and learning process, and pedagogy. He …

Mekhitarian, Stepan

Stepan Mekhitarian

instructional technology and data-driven decision making since his first year as … lecturer for the Instructional Technology for School Leaders course at LMU … Innovation, Instruction, Assessment, and Accountability for Glendale Unified …