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Instructional Technology

“Technology is here to stay. The ability to use it fluently, efficiently, and responsibly for learning is a critical skill that students need to be successful in their futures. Stay ahead of the curve with Corwin. Our research-based resources empower every educator and student to become an adaptable, self-motivated, and self-directed learner. When you partner with Corwin, better teaching and learning are just a tap, click, or swipe away.”

Textbooks for College Teacher and Education Leadership Courses

Browse these trusted resources for higher education professors and instructors to teach principal and education leadership prep and teacher prep courses. These evidence-based text books are authored by Education Researchers for your college-level education major courses. Topics range from curriculum and instruction to special education and educational leadership and management. Corwin’s reasonably priced textbooks supplement your education courses and will help build your education students professional library.

School Leaders’ Toolkit for Responding to COVID-19

Thank you for visiting Corwin’s online toolkit for school leaders! We hope that this page will be helpful for school leaders who are experiencing shut downs and/or moving learning to an online environment during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


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Corwin Literacy Author Consultants

Why Are Corwin Literacy Author Consultants in Such Demand?

Because each and every one is so profoundly committed to students and teachers, and to making every school in America crackle with intellectual and creative spark. Corwin Literacy Author Consultants offer one- two-, and three-day workshops and multiday residencies on subjects as diverse as