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Zachary M. Walker

Walker, Zachary

Dr. Zachary Walker was named an Emerging Scholar by the Think College (2012), a Millennium Milestone Maker by the World Academy of Women (2015), and was awarded the John Cheung Award for the Innovative use of Social Media in Teaching and Learning (2015). He offers fun, energetic keynotes and seminars on practical uses of mobile technology in classrooms, questions every educator should ask, and international educational policy. Zachary asks tough questions, provides inspirational answers, and works with his audiences to design material that is practical and relevant.

Areas of expertise
  • Classroom Activities
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Motivational Resources
  • Organization Resources


  • Teaching and Learning with the Last Backpack Generation: Are you tech-savvy? By learning useful, proven strategies for infusing technology into your instruction, you can help capture students’ enthusiasm and boost student achievement. This workshop will show you where to find and how to use cutting-edge tech tools in the classroom that help you teach more effectively and efficiently.
  • Ten Simple Tech Tools to Transform Your Classroom: What can you do with the tech tools you know? You can use the tools you are already familiar with to transform your classroom! Come join this lively, practical workshop and discover new strategies for using ten simple tech tools that help you stay relevant in today’s classroom.
  • Every Student as a Co-teacher:  Knowledge Co-Creation in the Classroom: Your students can be your co-teachers. Come learn to recognize your students as sources of knowledge; and how to best organize, manage, and incorporate their funds of knowledge into the class. You will learn strategies to facilitate a learning-led classroom utilizing all your students and the knowledge available to them 
  • Using Mobile Technology in Education: What Works, What the Research Says, and What the Future Holds: What do we know? What do we think we know? Where are we headed? This interesting, informative, and thought-provoking workshop offers evidence-based practices, statistics, current research, and future predictions for educators of all levels. You will discover areas for improvement and innovative practices for the future.
  • Project-Based Learning and Technology: How to get the most out of PBL: Does the project-based learning in your classroom need a jumpstart? This fun, fast-paced, lively workshop focuses on the principles of project-based learning and helps you discover how to more effectively use technology to enhance project design, organization, management, presentation, and evaluation.
  • The 7 Faces of this Generation: Have you heard of the seven faces that make up this generation? Learn who they are and how they impact what you do in your classroom. Discover who the seven critical stakeholders are when educating this generation and why it is important to consider them in teaching, learning, and leading.
  • Who Works Hardest in Your Classroom?: There are more ways to teach and learn than ever.  This session will show you how to use cutting-edge technology tools to boost student achievement, simplify management tasks, and teach more effectively and efficiently. Come discover innovative ways to simplify the teaching process and encourage and enable your students.
  • Teaching and Reaching the Marginalized Learner: Do you understand and know how to reach your marginalized learners? This informative session looks at research and presents strategies all educators can use for reaching and teaching these students. You will discover how to use mobile technology and accessibility tools that can empower those who need the most help.