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Corwin Visible Learning+

Virtual Professional Learning

Accelerate student learning – virtually!

BarometerVisible Learning+ virtual professional learning options are now available so that you can begin or continue your journey of evaluating your impact and focusing on the practices that accelerate student learning and achievement. These virtual Visible Learning+ professional learning sessions are designed as an interactive online experience based on best practices for virtual learning.

Ensure the same high-quality and effective learning experience for you and your team with virtual PD.

Virtual professional learning sessions

TreeThrough virtual professional learning sessions, engage with the high-impact practices from the Visible Learning research and learn how to collect evidence of the extent to which these practices are present in your school or classroom.

All virtual professional learning sessions include:

  • Live virtual sessions with a certified Visible Learning+ expert
  • Meaningful small and large group discussions
  • Interactive activities to support collaboration and deeper understanding
  • Resource guides to follow along with instruction and activities
  • Developing your own personalized action plan to gather evidence

Each of the following learning series contains four 90-minute virtual professional learning sessions.

Visible Learning Foundations

Examine the Visible Learning research and what makes a significant impact on student achievement.

Evidence into Action 1

Leaders will develop a plan to collect evidence at your school or district.

Evidence into Action 2

Leaders will analyze your evidence and develop an action plan for your school or system.

Developing Visible Learners

Dive deep into the research that relates to student ownership of learning in order to develop visible learners in the classroom.

Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners 1

Discover the characteristics of assessment-capable visible learners and how to build and develop learners.

Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners 2

Plan an impact cycle of implementation and evidence-gathering to embed processes, practices, and impact, as relates to the characteristics of an assessment-capable visible learner.

Feedback that Makes Learning Visible

Shift the conversation from giving feedback to receiving feedback so you can evaluate your impact.

The Visible Teacher

Explore the pathways that exist to support the development of becoming a visible teacher who creates visible learners in schools or classrooms. 

How Students Learn - High Impact Strategies

Discover a research-based model of learning that helps educators apply the principles to achieve greater effective learning outcomes for learners.


Mindframes for Success

Engage with the tools and resources that help you evaluate and monitor your mindframes. 




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