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Visible Learning Impact Series

Visible Learning+ Impact Series

Enhance School Capability of High-Impact Practices 

When John Hattie synthesized his research, he found five key themes—or strands as we like to call them—that help accelerate student learning: feedback, visible learners, the visible teacher, know thy impact, and systems and processes. The Impact Series is a collection of electives designed to enhance school capability around these key themes so teachers can have the greatest impact on students’ learning. 


John Hattie’s key themes 


                        VL Strands


Impact Series


When Do I Take the Impact Series? 

After you have taken the Foundation Series and collected evidence about what your school needs to focus on, schools pick one or more of the Impact Series electives to support the initiatives determined in their professional learning action plan. 


Professional Learning Sessions 

Developing Visible Learners

Dive deep into the research that relates to student ownership of learning in order to develop visible learners in the classroom.

The Visible Teacher

Explore the pathways that exist to support the development of becoming a visible teacher who creates visible learners in schools or classrooms. 

Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners 1 & 2 

Discover the characteristics of assessment-capable visible learners and plan an impact cycle of implementation and evidence-gathering to embed processes, practices, and impact.

Feedback That Makes Learning Visible 

Shift the conversation from giving feedback to receiving feedback so you can evaluate your impact. 

Mindframes for Success

Engage with the tools and resources that help you evaluate and monitor your mindframes. 

Designing Learning Using the SOLO Taxonomy 

Create effective pre- and post-tests using the SOLO taxonomy as the frame work for effective reliable design. 

How Students Learn: High Impact Strategies

Engage with the newest research about the science of how we learn.



Impact Series Outcomes 

Teachers will be able to develop assessment-capable visible learners, calculate their effect size, embed high-impact practices in their classroom, give and receive effective feedback, understand the mindframes that have a high-impact on student learning, and create effective assessments that help them understand their impact.



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