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Fisher & Frey Imprint

… Created to honor Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey’s contributions to education, the Fisher & Frey

CCR Additional Resources

class="media-youtube-player" width="640" height="390" title="Fisher & Frey on Close Reading … Video of Fisher

Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner

Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Hattie, Karen T. Flories … Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Hattie, Karen T. Flories … Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Hattie, Karen T. Flories …

PLC+ Books

Design Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Almarode, Karen Flories, Dave … Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey … Almarode, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Karen Flories High …

CCR Success Stories

Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, or a member of their collaborative in for … expertise of Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey, authors, teachers, and Corwin … testimony to the work of Drs. Fisher and Frey." —John …

Balanced Literacy Resources

hands-on essential guide, best-selling authors Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey … panopoly-image-original" data-delta="7" src=" … Literacy, Grades K-6, Presented by Nancy Akhavan, Doug Fisher, and …


Bringing you the best of the best in their fields, these brand new courses are crafted based on the content from Corwin’s award-winning books and authors such as Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Marcia Tate, and more …

PLC+ Consultants

Fisher, PLC+, literacy PD, education consultant" title="Douglas Fisher … panopoly-image-original" data-delta="1" src=", Ph.D., is Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego …

Visible Learning for Literacy

classroom.” –Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey   Educators … Fisher and Nancy Frey’s collective search for better ways … Visible Learning for Literacy (Fisher


practical and evidence-based framework, developed by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey supports: Planning and … title="Doug Fisher on PLC+: What is the Plus in PLC+?" …