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PLC+ Professional Development

About PLC+

The model for PLCs has been around a long time. But is your PLC focused on evidence-based instruction with an emphasis on equity and activation? And most importantly, are your PLCs functioning effectively?

PLC+ is a practical and evidence-based framework, developed by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, that supports:

  • Planning and implementation in support of student learning
  • Professional development intentionally designed for teacher agency over their learning
  • Cycles of assessment, reflection, and decisions that lead to greater impact
  • Monitoring collaborative impact on teacher and student learning

Building upon prevailing PLC methodology, PLC+ refreshes current collaborative structures, and helps support teachers’ decision-making in the context of individual and collective efficacy, expectations, equity, and the activation of their own learning.


Why PLC+?

PLC+ professional learning is designed to support teachers in building agency over their learning, and is based on the best-selling PLC+ Playbook. PLC+ highlights the teacher and provides a structure and tools for them to own their learning through a collective process with colleagues and facilitate learning structures that develop student success.

It's not enough to just build teacher agency, we must also focus on the power of the collective. Empowering your PLCs is a step toward becoming better equipped educators with greater credibility to foster successful learners. 


Cross-cutting values

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