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Brain-Based Teaching & Learning

task. With these resources for brain-based teaching and learning, you’ll … Editor for Brain-Based Teaching & LearningLearn more about publishing with Corwin. Brain-Based Teaching

Brain-Based Teaching & Learning

task. With these resources for brain-based teaching and learning, you’ll … Editor for Brain-Based Teaching & LearningBrain-Based Teaching & Learning

Sprenger, Marilee

Marilee B. Sprenger

University, where she teaches graduate courses on brain-based teaching, learning … independent consultant, her passion is brain-based teaching and best practices … Educators and Becoming a Wiz at Brain-Based Teaching, Second …

Caine, Renate

Renate Nummela Caine

Learning LLC and consultant to districts, schools, teachers, administrators, and communities to implement brain-based learning. She is the senior … Research in Integrative Learning and Teaching. She has taught every level …

Scaddan, Michael

Michael Alfred Scaddan

author of 40 Engaging Brain-Based Tools for the Classroom as well … elementary and adult teaching as well as being a highly successful principal and was recently selected as patron for The Hungarian Brain Based

Margaret Angermeyer Mangan

inquiry, constructivist, and brain-based learning models, Margaret uses a variety of teaching strategies that address diverse learning styles. In … Margaret Mangan is an award-winning educator whose teaching

Smilkstein, Rita

Rita Smilkstein

Everett Campus. Publications include articles and books on brain-based curriculum and pedagogy. Author of We’re Born to Learn: Using the Brain’s Natural Learning Process to Create Curriculum (Corwin Press, 2003), which …

Currie, Jennifer

Jennifer L. Currie

brain-based learning strategies in 2005, Jenn has consistently helped ‘problem’ … Teaching and Learning. Despite having taught for nearly two decades, she … Jenn Currie has been teaching in …

Meet the Visible Learning Consultants

differentiated instruction, brain-based teaching, and closing gender achievement … transforming teaching and learning on four continents. She is passionate about … …

Peery, Angela

Angela Peery

Altman. Recently, she has undertaken graduate study in brain-based learning … Her other experience includes ten years of classroom teaching in middle … Project site for several years, teaching the summer institute …

Beautiful Questions in the Classroom

Brain-Based Teaching & Learning … teachers develop a powerful teaching approach that creates a classroom full of … questioning so important for student learning? Framing questions as a set of …

Corwin Literacy Author Consultants

Nancy Steineke (Grades K-12) Brain-Based … subjects as diverse as Visible Learning in the Literacy Classroom • Implementing the ELA Standards • Developing Literacy Leaders • Teaching Grammar …