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Willie Adams

Francisco, CA, as well as the Heads Up and the Upward Bound programs in Oakland, CA. In 1997 he began working as Diversity Coordinator, in addition … in San Francisco, CA (1997-2000). From 2003-2018, Willie has worked at …

Fullan, Michael

Michael Fullan Instructional Leadership Leadership CA2 CA7 526770 Michael Fullan …

Bluestein, Jane

Jane E. Bluestein

Mentor Teacher, San Francisco, CA “I had a teacher last year … Mentor Teacher, San Francisco, CA

Flynn, Patrick

Patrick W. Flynn

Workshop in Sacramento, CA, Patrick worked with building and district … Administration & Leadership CA0 739170 Flynn, Patrick …

Jamie Almanzan

Equity Project, in Oakland CA. He has held the position of Director … Coaching Administration & Leadership C40 C81 CA0 1496614 …

Lindsey, Delores

Delores B. Lindsey

Marin County, CA. Delores is deliberate in her support of a transformative …

Smith, Raymond

Raymond Lawrence Smith

Leadership Instructional Leadership Principalship CA0 CA2 CA6 698708 Raymond Smith …

Julie R. Smith

Leadership Principalship CA0 CA2 CA6 698709 Julie Smith …

Harbin Miles, Ruth

Ruth Harbin Miles

specific to each state. States include: AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, HI …