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William K. Poston, Jr.

Poston, William

William Poston is the originator of curriculum-driven budgeting, and he has led over 75 curriculum audits. He has written 13 books and over 40 journal articles and continues to provide extensive service to schools in the areas of evaluation, curriculum management auditing, performance-based budgeting, and organizational quality improvement.

Areas of expertise
  • Budgeting, Evaluation
  • Curriculum Management Auditing
  • Performance-Based Budgeting
  • Continual Quality
  • Improvement


  • School Budgeting in Hard Times: An entirely new approach to school budgeting is required today, one that supports data-driven collaborative decision-making. Program priorities must be set, and system stakeholders must help allocate resources with accountability for results. The purpose of this performance-based seminar is to help participants learn to develop a cost- efficient, but productive budget. Participants will learn how to make critical decisions that trim the budget without sacrificing quality of the educational system.