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Teacher Clarity Professional Learning Options

The best way to improve teacher clarity is in the company of others

Meaningful teacher collaboration builds collective teacher efficacy, which is a constellation of attitudes and beliefs about the efforts of a school to affect student learning (Goddard, Hoy, & Hoy, 2000). When teachers experience success collaborating with peers and those collaborations improve teaching and learning, they notice. These accumulated data points become the collective efficacy that can triple the speed of learning.

The Teacher Clarity workshop series and resources support teachers in collaborative teams to identify learning intentions and discuss ideas for instruction, review student work and figure out if their efforts have been fruitful, and talk about students who need additional instruction to be successful.

Teams of teachers will:

  • Analyze the standards to determine what students need to know
  • Sequence learning logically to support content and language development
  • Identify the relevance of the learning expectations to ensure that students are engaged and motivated
  • Determine how they and their students will know if students are successful in learning
  • Identify what it would mean to learn the content and express that in terms of success criteria
  • Identify summative assessment tools that can be used to determine mastery of the standards
  • Create meaningful learning experiences for students and monitor their response to the instruction
  • Identify progress-monitoring tools that they can use to adjust the instruction and supplemental support student receive
  • Implement response to intervention efforts if students do not learn

Foundational Workshops

Teacher Clarity workshops help participants examine the relationship between teaching and learning by activating skills and knowledge around identifying concepts and skills, sequencing learning progressions, elaborating learning intentions, crafting success criteria, and designing assessment opportunities.

Implementation & Coaching Days

An essential ingredient for supporting teachers in embedding new skills into daily practice is implementation days—a time set aside for certified consultants to observe teaching and learning in real time, with real students, in the school setting. Customized to each school’s needs, options include:

  • Guided classroom visits where we will work in collaboration with your school leadership team to gather evidence about implementation of Teacher Clarity practices and the impact on student learning.
  • Analyze data from guided classroom visits and identify the progress towards the implementation of Teacher Clarity best practices
  • Feedback and discussions focused on developing a culture of learning centered around Teacher Clarity
  • Leadership coaching to develop a continuous cycle of improvement that identifies next steps to further support the culture of learning and increased student outcomes

Why Engage in Teacher Clarity Workshops?

Teacher Clarity workshops guide educators through 9 modules to build their understanding of what students need to learn and identifying how they will know that they learned it.

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