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What Is Teacher Clarity Playbook Certification?

When instruction is made to be both organized and intentional, spectacular things can happen! As both a method and a mindset, teacher clarity allows the classroom to transform into a place where teaching is made clear and in turn allows students to better plan and predict, set goals, and identify what needs to be learned and how they will know that they have learned it according to The Teacher Clarity Playbook authors Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Olivia Amador, and Joseph Assof.

The Teacher Clarity Playbook Certification is designed to provide you with the knowledge and techniques that will enable you to deliver impactful Teacher Clarity Playbook trainings in your educational space. Once certified, you as the trainer will be able to support educators in collaborative teams to identify learning intentions and discuss ideas for instruction, review student work, and analyze effectiveness while opening a dialogue with students who may need additional instruction for success.

Teacher Clarity Playbook Certificants will:

  • Understand and reference the nine modules of teacher clarity
  • Describe the differences between learning progressions, learning intentions, and success criteria
  • Develop assessments that determine various facets of students' mastery
  • Observe classrooms and distinguish appropriate vs. inappropriate learning intentions, success criteria, and tasks
  • Design professional learning experiences for peers to increase their knowledge of teacher clarity 

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