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Success Criteria Playbook Professional Learning

How would your students respond to the question, “how will I know if I have learned something?” When we – and our students – are given clarity on learning through high-quality success criteria, there is a greater likelihood that students will experience success in their learning.

As of Professor John Hattie’s latest Visible Learning research, success criteria have an average effect size of 0.88 ( To capitalize on this potential impact on student learning, it’s important to develop and share high-quality success criteria that define what success looks like for every learner in our schools and learning environments.

This 1-day professional learning session moves beyond learning intentions and dives deep into how best to support the development and implementation of high-quality success criteria. Engage in an active and empowering learning experience that will enhance understanding of how to create success criteria that:

  • Allow teachers to monitor learners’ progress toward the learning expectations and make adjustments to future learning experiences
  • Allow learners to self-reflect, self-monitor, and self-evaluate their learning progress
  • Help learners answer the question, “How will I know that I have learned it?”
  • Help teachers answer the question, “How will I know that they have learned it?”

The Success Criteria Playbook session includes:

  • A copy of The Success Criteria Playbook, K-12, available in print and eBook format.
  • Interactive sesison that explores the fourteen modules of the Success Criteria framework and provide a space for inquiry. 
  • An opportunity for teams to focus on the creation of high-quality, high-impact success criteria, and offer feedback that increases impact.

Explore the 14 modules designed to support the creation and immediate implementation of high-quality, high impact success criteria: