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Core Practice 7: Partner with the School Leader

Coaches can't do this work without the support of the school leader. We often hear from coaches who are supported and making an enormous impact on student and teacher learning. Then we meet others who are feeling less than supported in their schools and having less successful results in their coaching. Developing this partnership is essential if we are to take full advantage of our role as coaches. 

The coach and school leader work together to define their respective roles. They work together across the year to design plans that focus on student and teacher learning and growth.


What it Looks/Sounds Like?


Coach and school leader meet together on a regular basis in order to:

  • Solicit teacher feedback to plan professional development
  • Use the School Improvement Plan to drive coaching and collaboration
  • Analyze student data to look for trends across the school
  • Plan how to encourage teachers to engage in coaching cycles and celebrate those who do.


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