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In addition to the titles published by our imprint Corwin Mathematics, Corwin Press also publishes general titles on math assessment, mathematical standards, teaching methods, and more.  On these pages you will find a mix of titles from Corwin Mathematics as well as our more general mathematics titles.

Visible Learning for Mathematics

Maximize student achievement in mathematics with Visible LearningTM

Chapter by chapter, and equipped with video clips, planning tools, rubrics, and templates, the bestselling Visible Learning for Mathematics gives you the foundation on which instructional strategies to use at each phase of the learning cycle: Surface, Deep, and Transfer.



Visible Learning for Mathematics | Guide


How do you ensure mathematics learning is visible?

It’s not enough to know what strategies work best; it’s knowing when to put those strategies into practice to maximize students’ ownership of mathematics learning that matters. When learning experiences are intentionally designed to meet each learner’s needs, you can maximize student learning and achievement.  

In this how-to guide, you’ll hear from thought leaders and experts on how to:

Whole-School Solutions to Mathematics Standards

When it comes to math, standards-aligned is achievement-aligned 

Whether you are in a Common Core state or a state that has state-specific standards, Corwin Mathematics has a series that can help you transform the standards into learning outcomes. What’s different between the series? Not much. Page by page in each series, the authors clearly lay out the mathematics principles embedded in each standard, the connected standards within each domain, priorities within clusters, and the three components of rigor. 

The Practice Series

Visible Learning Practice Series

Visible Learning+ Practice Series

What works best and when—for literacy and mathematics


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