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Patricia A. Wolfe

555 Randolph Street, Napa, CA 94559, Phone and Fax: (707) 226-1777, Web …

Sharratt, Lyn

Lyn D. Sharratt There you will see her speaking in Ontario about the leadership it …

Klimek, Karl

Karl J. Klimek

Learning Institute, Idyllwild, CA and is Board Vice President of the Natural …

Georganne S. Schroth-Cavataio

Georganne Schroth-Cavataio is currently teaching in the position of Special Education Teacher (Resource Specialist) at an elementary school in Santa Cruz County, CA and is an instructor …

Lindstrom, Phyllis

Phyllis H. Lindstrom

University, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0072 or via e-mail at …

Flynn, Patrick

Patrick W. Flynn

Workshop in Sacramento, CA, Patrick worked with building and district …

Spencer, Sally

Sally A. Spencer

instruction, collaboration and inclusion. She lives in Northridge, CA, with her …

William Hays Parrett

at the 1999 International Documentary Awards (Los Angeles, CA); has won … Network Festival (Oakland, CA), a National CINE Golden Eagle Award …

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District Clearlake, CA … District Chula Vista, CA … Bakersfield, CA