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Meet Our Consultants


Margarita Calderón & Shawn Slakk

Consulting Expertise:

  • Teaching academic language, reading comprehension, and writing in content classrooms
  • Teaching language, reading, and writing in the ELD/EL classroom
  • Whole-school professional learning on meeting instructional and programmatic needs of ELs
  • Advancing achievement of Long-term English learners
  • Site administrator, LEA, and SEA professional development focused on implementation, coaching, PLC support, and evaluation of language acquisition
  • Dual language implementation and program analysis


Maria Dove & Andrea Honigsfeld

Consulting Expertise:

  • Co-teaching for English learners
  • Teacher collaboration and partnership building
  • Instructional strategies for English learners
  • School leadership for diverse learning communities
  • Instructional coaching


Diane Staehr Fenner

Consulting Expertise:

  • Scaffolding content instruction for English learners
  • Integrating academic language instruction in content teaching to support ELs
  • Developing ELs’ literacy skills
  • Empowering all teachers to advocate and lead for ELs
  • Supporting coaching for all teachers of ELs


Margo Gottlieb 

Consulting Expertise:

  • Assessment as, for, and of learning in classroom and large-scale contexts
  • Academic language development and use
  • Curriculum design within linguistically and culturally sustainable frameworks
  • Standards-referenced teaching and learning with multilingual learners in mind
  • Education of multilingual learners for the twenty-first century

Tonya Ward Singer

Consulting Expertise:

  • Raising rigor and results of core literacy learning for ALL students
  • Integrating academic language development and collaborative conversations into every lesson every day
  • Using asset-based mindsets and strategies to increase EL engagement and motivation
  • Redesigning EL instruction to accelerate EL learning and prevent long-term ELs
  • Igniting core teacher agency and shared ownership to ensure ELs thrive


Ivannia Soto

Consulting Expertise:

  • ELL shadowing, which has been recognized by the Education Trust-West as a “promising practice”
  • The CA ELA/ELD Framework and standards
  • How to introduce and reinforce the explicit needs of Standard English learners
  • Academic Language Development Certification: a two-year teacher-leader process leading to recognition/ICLRT certification focused on academic language development
  • Building dual language instructional expertise


Debbie Zacarian

Consulting Expertise:

  • Strengthening instructional and leadership practices, preK-college
  • Enhancing family-school partnerships
  • Using a strengths-based approach with ELs living with trauma, violence, and chronic stress
  • Identifying and working with ELs with differences and disabilities
  • Policy analysis, writing, and strategic planning