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Co-Constructing Success Criteria Workshop

with Mary Jane O'Connell and Kara Vandas

Co-Constructing Success Criteria Workshop

Corwin’s new Co-constructing Success Criteria workshop is available in a one-day format, with the option for additional support days. This highly engaging, hands-on workshop will provide educators with the methodology to co-construct criteria with students, giving them a voice and deep understanding of how to meet the learning intentions.  As a result, students will be able to confidently answer:  Where am I going?, How am I doing?, and Where to next? (Hattie, 2011). In addition, students will be empowered to develop personalized learning goals and track their own progress toward their learning goals. 


What’s Included?

During this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to:

Experience the Co-construction Process

  • Co-construct and Organize Success Criteria for a Common Learning Intention
  • Learn Multiple Approaches to Co-construct Success Criteria with Students

Prepare the Pathway to Success

  • Use Learning Progressions to Plan Surface to Deep Learning (Cognitive Rigor Continuum)

Apply the Handoff of Learning

  • Increase Student Clarity and Ownership of Learning
  • Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Co-constructing Success Criteria

Personalize Learning and Promote Effective Feedback

  • Increase Student Ownership of Learning through Goal-Setting
  • Use Co-constructed Success Criteria to Provide Feedback and Monitor Progress

      Develop Individualized Strategies to Apply the Learning

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Coaching & Implementation Support

Co-constructing success criteria with students is like other effective teaching strategies in that it takes practice, trying different methods, asking for feedback from students, and adjustment to master.  For this reason, coaching is available to support educators as they work to implement this powerful practice into their classrooms. 


Meet the CCSC consultants

With a career that includes seven years as a classroom teacher and over twenty years as a building principal in year-round schools, Professional Development Consultant Mary Jane O’Connell works with educators and central office and building administrators in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Her work focuses on curriculum, assessment, instruction, and data analysis for school improvement and monitoring.  Her goal is to establish relationships and partnerships with others to achieve significant increases in student learning.

Kara Vandas Headshot

Kara Vandas works with districts and schools around the country, both elementary and secondary, to implement processes and practices that best support student learning. Kara brings experience in these areas from her previous work as the Director of Teacher Effectiveness for the Colorado League of Charter Schools, where she was responsible for partnering with over 30 public charter schools around the state of Colorado in the implementation of Data Teams and Rigorous Curriculum Design. In doing so, Kara has had the opporutnity to support rural, urban, and suburban schools of various instructional models and student populations, and across K-12 systems, in order to best implement these powerful practices. 


Step 3: Partnering with Students


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