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McDowell, Michael

Michael McDowell

Rigorous Deep Dive Session Instructional Coaching Institute … The Lead Learner Day Dive Institute: This workshop focuses … member for the Buck Institute of Education and a key thought leader in the …

Howard, Lotus

Lotus Linton Howard

from cultures outside our U.S. borders. Her Ph.D. thesis, entitled … from Union Institute of Ohio.  Lotus lives in Seattle …

Moore, Eddie

Eddie Moore Jr.

privilege/oppression individually and institutionallyus find tools within ourselves and how to critically think in order to …

Jamie Almanzan

Racial Equity Institute: This is … in perpetuating institutional oppression. It also explores using an … educators. Jamie was instrumental in helping us develop a coaching model that …

Arriaga, Trudy

Trudy T. Arriaga

as central to professional and institutional practice will be the … a more perfect PD experience. Having the actual author working with us was …

Reilly, Marceta

Marceta Fleming Reilly

Institute staff for three years to design and deliver customized coach … we know Marceta can help us find just the right design and delivery … Dr. Mary Devin, Director of the Kansas Educational Leadership Institute

Nuri-Robins, Kikanza

Kikanza Nuri-Robins

they can take when institutional and societal barriers marginalize people … us face conflict in a healthy way.  She knows when to hold a group's … information from us and kept us interested." …

Saphier, Jon

Jon Saphier

… presentations across the country. Sloan-Kettering’s annual IDEA Institutes voted …

Sheninger, Eric

Eric C. Sheninger

parents – are immersed in a world where they routinely us these tools … Workshop): Each institution has a unique story. With the power of digital media …