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PLC+ Workshop Series

PLC+ professional learning workshops are designed to refresh current collaborative structures and support decision making in the context of collective efficacy, expectations, equity, and the activation of your own learning. PLC+ professional learning workshops, led by certified consultants, help teacher teams gather data and answer questions such as:

  • What are the common barriers to your students' learning and how should you implement removal techniques to ensure students' learning is accelerated? 
  • What are the common challenges your PLCs are facing?
  • How can we design PLC structures that positively impact student and teacher learning?

​​​​​​Foundation Days will focus on understanding the 4 cross-cutting values of PLC+: Activation, Expectations, Equity, and Self and Collective Efficacy so you can answer the 5 Essential Questions.

​​​​​​Evidence for Action Day focuses on hands-on activities that are designed to increase their understanding of the most effective elements of successful PLCs. Evidence is collected throughout the day to help build their PLC+ framework.

Customized Implementation Days are built upon the data that was gathered during the Evidence for Action Day and begin to create their action plans. Discussions include coaching effective PLC+ structures, facilitating skills development, data analysis, leadership support, and focused support on specific PLC+ areas.

PLC+ learning intentions

PLC+ learning intentions

  • Understand the PLC+ Framework Essential Questions and cross-cutting values
  • Understand the potential impact of PLC+ Implementation
  • Understand the steps required to implement PLC+ framework
  • Understand how PLC+ builds individual and collective efficacy and teacher credibility
  • Articulate the PLC+ essential questions and cross-cutting values
  • Identify the current reality of PLC structure
  • Identify common challenges facing your PLC
  • Identify tools and resources to implement the PLC+ framework
  • Decide actions to support the implementation of the PLC+ framework
  • Design PLC+ structures that positively impact student and teacher learning
  • Identify facilitation strategies to support a high functioning PLC+ structure
  • Identify tools to determine the impact of PLC+ decisions and actions

Collective Teacher Efficacy Workshop

Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE) is the collective perception that teachers in a given school make an educational difference to their students over and above the educational impact of their homes and communities. The question then is, “How do educators and teacher teams develop CTE?”

Collective teacher efficacy doesn’t just happen, rather it results from specific actions and working conditions. Teacher teams, operating as a collective, shape these conditions. Instead of high levels of student achievement occurring in individual classrooms, increasing an entire school’s achievement requires a collective mindset and approach.

Collective teacher efficacy emerges when teams are empowered to identify a common challenge related to student learning and execute a course of action that results in desired student outcomes. In this new one-day professional learning workshop, you’ll learn how to identify a common challenge as a collective and participate in an efficacy cycle. During this workshop, you’ll

  • Gain an understanding of the concept of collective teacher efficacy and explain the value of CTE on student learning and well-being
  • Work to identify a common challenge and instructional strategies that meet the challenge
  • Share your thinking with others and work to achieve understanding
  • Design and implement experiences that will result in collective teacher efficacy

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