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Lado, Ana

Ana Luisa Lado

She coordinates the Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second … Professional Studies. Her favorite courses involve methods of TESOL and beginning reading. She also teaches courses exploring educational issues related to …

Koestler, Courtney

Courtney Koestler

In addition to now teaching diversity and mathematics methods … with a concentration in mathematics at Ohio University, an MA in Teaching … at the University of Wisconsin. Courtney began teaching in public …

Crane, Christine

Christine Corby Crane

In addition to teaching in Athens, she was an associate professor for Mansfield University, teaching science and technology methods courses. She has … a 26-year teaching career from the Athens Area School District in Athens …

The eCourse

seven core practices Explore methods for launching and scheduling … co-planning, co-teaching, and strengths-based feedback across coaching …

Graff-Ermeling, Genevieve

Genevieve J. Graff-Ermeling

Graff-Ermeling is Assistant Head of School, Teaching & Learning at Concordia … teacher reflection, design of assessments, inquiry-based science teaching, and the use of data to inform teaching in multiple subject areas for …

Coggins, Debra

Debra Susan Coggins

development of the Math Case Methods Project and Math Pathways and Pitfalls at … Middle School Teachers: Key Concepts, Teaching Tips, and Learning Pitfalls … when teaching concepts related to operations and proportional reasoning …

Hopkins, Martha

Martha H. Hopkins

at The Florida State University. After teaching at UCF for 15 years, she became con-cerned that the methods and materials she was teaching in … refresh her teaching skills and to apply for National Board Certification …

Ungar, Michael

Michael Ungar

researching, writing, and teaching about resilience among youth for ten years in … methods conference hosted by Sage and the International Institute for Qualitative Methods. He has a well-established international network of …

Dean T. Spaulding

Albany, New York, where he teaches educational research and program evaluation. Dr. Spaulding is the former chair of the Teaching Evaluation SIG for … teaching and learning with at-risk youth populations. At the government/state …

Christine K. Ormsbee

2006 as Professor and Head of the School of Teaching and Curriculum … teaches an undergraduate introductory special education course and graduate special education methods and research courses.With over two decades …