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Diane Casale-Giannola

Casale-Giannola, Diane

Diane Casale-Giannola is an accomplished educator with over 20 years in special and general education.  She is an enthusiastic speaker who engages teachers and students in the learning process.


  • Active Learning in the Inclusive Classroom K-5: This interactive presentation will provide teachers with the opportunity to create active learning experiences to support student engagement at the elementary level. Active learning will be defined and connected to brain-based learning research and practice. Strategies will be shared, modeled and applied to different age and grade level learning objectives. 
  • Active Learning in the Inclusive Classroom 6-12: This interactive presentation will identify the unique challenges of inclusion at the secondary level. Active learning will be defined and connections to research, as it relates to the adolescent learner, will be considered. Participants will engage in active learning experiences that support specific adolescent learner needs. 
  • Addressing Diverse Learner Characteristics: What, Why and How?: This interactive presentation will identify diverse learner characteristics, describe how each characteristic presents in the classroom, and provide teachers with specific strategies to address each one. Characteristics include students with metacognitive issues, auditory processing concerns, memory issues, low experiential base, attention needs, interpersonal and social needs, language needs and visual processing concerns.
Areas of expertise
  • Inclusion
  • Special Education
  • Brain Friendly-Learning
  • Student Engagement