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41 Active Learning Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom, Grades 6–12

41 Active Learning Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom, Grades 6–12

First Edition

June 2012 | 224 pages | Corwin
Motivating adolescents to learn can be a challenge! Often distracted and easily bored, these kids are also critical thinkers capable of thriving in the classroom while learning 21st century skills. How do we hold their attention and develop their abilities?

Research shows that all students—regardless of learning style, disability category, or language difference—learn more effectively when they are engaged in active learning. 41 Active Learning Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom shows teachers how to help all students achieve positive learning outcomes. The authors provide a compilation of strategies that serve as blueprints for instructional design and directions for using them across a variety of content areas. The many benefits of active learning include:

A more engaged and interactive classroom

Increased self-directed learning

Development of higher-order thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, evaluation

Improved reading, discussion, and writing competencies

Each strategy includes materials, directions, sample applications across content areas, ways to support students with learning differences, and sample vignettes. New teacher requirements and raised expectations to meet higher standards for all students might make the teaching challenge look daunting. The authors understand your journey, and will walk you through the process step-by-step so that you are fully prepared to achieve success!

About the Authors
1. Inclusion at the Secondary Level
2. Active Learning Strategies in the Middle School and High School: Debunking the Myth
3. Selecting and Implementing Active Learning Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom
4. Grouping for Instruction: Who Goes Where With Whom to Do What
5. Active Learning Strategies

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