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School House Bullies (Facilitator's Guide + DVD)

School House Bullies (Facilitator's Guide + DVD)
Preventive Strategies for Professional Educators

Second Edition

March 2015 | 72 pages | Corwin

The best-selling complete resource for effective bullying prevention - now fully updated!


Does your school need an effective approach to bullying prevention? Thousands of educators have turned to this research-based, bullying prevention program created by respected school safety experts. With a DVD and facilitator’s guide, this complete resource focuses on positive actions that your team can take now to reduce bullying.


Presenting new video vignettes for each grade level and compelling discussion topics, this learning program will help your team develop a shared approach to bullying prevention. Participants will

  •  Gain perspective on the challenges schools face today in addressing all forms of bullying, including cyber-bullying
  •  Master proven techniques to reduce anti-social behaviors associated with aggression and harassment
  •  Develop skills for working with both victims and aggressors to break the cycle of bullying
  •  Familiarize yourself with the legal implications of bullying and harassment
  •  Review the key elements of a bullying prevention plan
  •  Discover how to empower students and families to join prevention efforts


Create a safer school environment and a stronger community by equipping administrators, faculty, and staff with the tools for change.

How to Use This Guide
I. Video Discussion Questions
1. Introduction to Bullying
2. The Dynamics of Bully/Victim Relationships
3. Intervention Strategies for Staff
4. Working With Bullies
5. Helping the Victim
6. Helping the Bystander
7. Supporting Parents
8. Supporting Parents of Victims
9. Supporting Parents of Bullies
10. Social Media and the Internet
11. Vignettes
II. Tabletop Exercises: Using Scenario-Based Exercises for Increased Participant Learning
Staff Scenarios
Exercise Instructions

Facilitator Instructions

Tabletop Exercises

Student Scenarios
Exercise Instructions

Facilitator Instructions

Tabletop Exercises

III. Using Surveys to Gather Data on Bullying at Your School
Student Surveys

Staff Surveys

Parent Surveys

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan Components
Cease and Desist Harassment

"I used the teacher portion of the video in a teacher training with my staff. The found it helpful and informative. I also use the scenarios with my 8th grade students. It helps them to understand the role of the upstander and peacemakers."

Cheryl Valek, Sixth Grade Teacher
Charles J. Sahs School, Chicago, Il

"After attending the train-the-trainer bullying prevention workshop directed by Dennis Lewis, I provided bullying prevention training to the entire staff in our public school system, which includes eighteen campuses. The DVD was appropriate for each audience, including administrators, educators, bus drivers, food service providers, and janitorial staffs. The program included modern vignettes of bullying scenarios on the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. It also provided preventative steps and solutions to common conflict problems found in most schools. I would highly recommend this informative program for any school system looking to provide effective bullying prevention training for their staff."

Rhonda Smitherman, School Counselor
Calhoun County School, Alexandria, Alabama

"The Trainer series has been a fantastic tool to use during staff development sessions for our building. The case studies, statistics, and layout make for great discussions and examples to use as I pull from the staff's experiences addressing bullying issues and modifying those scenarios based on the training. Our campus is a work in progress and heading in the right directions because of the teaching from Lewis and Brunner."

Thurman R. Dantzler, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director
Harmony Nature and Athletics High School, Dallas, TX
Key features
  • Up-to-date research and information from experts on bullying prevention
  • Completely new Videos allow for easy self-guided or group-lead training on bullying prevention
  • Accompanying Facilitator’s Guide offers multiple ways in which to use the training videos in professional development events as well as provides surveys and checklists to use at one’s own school site.

Facilitator Guide Components  
Surveys – Parent, Staff, and Student
Discussion Questions for Activating Background Knowledge
Review Questions for Use After Watching Video
Tabletop Exercises for Students and Staff
Sample Action Plan
Sample Workshop Agenda

In consideration of a number of factors, it is our recommendation the video and facilitator’s guide be completely revised.  Some of the information may remain similar, but most of the product will be different. 

The video will be divided into three components: 1) Prevention and Intervention strategies, 2) Cyber-Bullying and Social Media, and 3) Litigation Protection Strategies.  In addition to the three sections, there will be a separate component comprised of problem solving vignettes for elementary, middle, and high school staff and students. 

Instructional Targets

  • Understand how to use techniques and strategies that reduce the number of bullying incidents at school and on campus
  • Understand school personnel’s responsibility related to cyber-bullying and social media
  • Understand how to support a school environment based upon civility and social responsibility
  • Understand how to use resources within a school community to reduce bullying behaviors
  • Understand an educator’s personal and organization legal vulnerability related to bullying and harassment

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