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The Emotionally Connected Classroom

The Emotionally Connected Classroom
Wellness and the Learning Experience

February 2019 | 224 pages | Corwin

Engineer healthy interactions and repair dysregulation

Suicide rates, ADHD diagnoses, gaming addiction, and adolescent depression are increasing exponentially. It’s difficult to ignore the number of children burdened by stress, anxiety, and unhealthy beliefs. Students struggle to cope in ways that reinforce labels defining them as difficult to teach. 

However, the brain is malleable and new experiences can rewrite the story! The Emotionally Connected Classroom helps educators create environments that promote healthy attachments and repair neural dysregulations that impair learning capacity. Readers will find 

  • User-friendly explanations of neuroscience and human behavior
  • Strategies and assessment tools to help teachers shift from content-focused learning and assessment to learning that prioritizes wellness
  • Lesson templates to help “train the brain” 
  • Strategies to address dysfunctional behavior
  • Engaging stories and authentic case studies that bring theory to life

Written with the belief that educators play a critical role in students’ lives, this book offers a new paradigm of connectedness that allows teachers to develop social-emotional learning practices that benefit all of their students. 


Prologue - Survival Mode


Chapter 1. Hunter Gatherers in the Classroom
Chapter 2. Connection Intentions, the Good Wolf, and the Six Ps
Chapter 3. Experiences, Emotions, Attachments, and Scary Kittens
Chapter 4. Where Did My True Self Go?
Chapter 5. Emotional Addictions in the Classroom
Chapter 6. The Six Ps Attachment Strategies: Rewiring the Brain
Chapter 7. Drug Addicts, Gamblers, Classrooms, and Dogs
Chapter 8. Relaxed Environments, Safety, and Structure
Chapter 9. The Lesson and Unit Plan
Chapter 10. Control, Drama, and Choice
Chapter 11. A Bold Proclamation for Change
Epilogue: Prayers in a Food Truck
Supplementary Materials
Connection Intentions and the Six Ps

Sample Intention Unit Plans/Subject Intentions

The Kinderbuddy Lesson Plan


Free resources

Want Students to ‘Build a Better World?’ Try Culturally Responsive Social-Emotional Learning

Want Students to ‘Build a Better World?’ Try Culturally Responsive Social-Emotional Learning

What are the best ways you are incorporating social-emotional learning in your classroom and what are you doing to ensure that it is culturally responsive? Discover the answer in this article featuring Bill Adair, author of The Emotionally Connected Classroom.

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The Emotionally Connected Classroom is a must-read for teachers and administrators interested in truly reaching all students in today’s classrooms. It addresses the very basic need students face to feel connected and belong so that learning can happen. In an ambitious way, it outlines some of the very real challenges of working alongside students who have difficult lives and gives practical strategies and a framework to do exactly this.

Starting with a belief that all students can and want to learn and belong, using the six Ps of People, Purpose, Play, Passion, Present Thinking, and Personal Challenge and Learning, Bill Adair guides teachers through making intentional connections. Emotions are not to be feared or avoided but rather embraced and understood from knowing the learner. There are so many pearls of wisdom in this very readable book, and it is enlivened with students’ stories that illustrate the principles. I highly recommend it!!”

Dr. Jean Clinton, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences
McMaster University

"Social-emotional learning (SEL) is at the forefront of many educational and policy conversations. Bill Adair has created a comprehensive, practical, and useful go-to guide that busy educators can use for each initiative they are tackling. The Emotionally Connected Classroom is a powerful anchor text for teachers' on-going work and deepening understanding of the importance of SEL."

Abbey Duggins, PhD, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Saluda County Schools, South Carolina

"All teachers have experienced the frustration of trying to teach disconnected children. Bill Adair shows how powerful helping children learn to connect, feel a sense of belonging, and feel a sense of purpose can be in changing lives for the better." 

Kathy Rhodes, Principal
Hinton Schools, Iowa

"The Emotionally Connected Classroom tackles some critical issues that teachers need to address when dealing with today’s students."

Dr. Scott Mandel, Teacher, Author, and Staff Development Leader
Los Angeles Unified School District

"The Emotionally Connected Classroom is engaging and easy to read. The author has written about topics that are relevant to issues in education and he does a great job connecting theory to current events. This book will give educators who don't have mental health training the confidence and tools to work with struggling students."

Leslie Goines, School Counselor
Massac County High School, Illinois

"The Emotionally Connected Classroom is important and relevant in today's school climate. Bill Adair promises and delivers on providing a book that makes connections between what happens in schools and healing of students who have experienced trauma."

Bonnie Tryon, Ed.D, Mentor and Coach
Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School, New York

"Learning to connect isn’t easy, but it is the key in education. The Emotionally Connected Classroom intertwines and describes many life connections teachers and students share. This book needs to be available in all schools so that every teacher can experience the freedom in knowing there is hope for students who may seem hopeless.  

Michelle Strom, Language Arts Teacher and Mentor
Lander Schools, Wyoming

A useful addition to the reading list - the book provides practical insight in relation to classroom strategies. It has been beneficial to allow students to consider the holistic learning needs of pupils, which are often overlooked due to the constraints of the curriculum.

Mrs Annabel Latham
School of Education, Aberystwyth University
July 29, 2021

The book identifies strategies for specific learning difficulties as well as inclusion for all. Easy to navigate.

Miss Hannah Bryant
Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University
September 21, 2021

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