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Simultaneous Learning Workshop

Learn how to design learning experiences that engage students in multiple different learning environments 

The boundaries of teaching and learning have expanded, stretched, and blurred as different approaches develop for reaching and teaching students in varying learning environments. While designing and implementing rigorous and engaging experiences for learners remains the main goal for educators, the context in which these experiences occur continues to change. Simultaneous, blended, and hybrid formats of teaching and learning are quickly increasing. How do you manage and balance different teaching formats at once to ensure that students are learning both in the classroom and over Zoom? 

Our Simultaneous Learning professional learning session supports educators in designing learning experiences that leverage technology and develop routines and procedures that ensure engagement whether some students are at home or in the classroom. 

This virtual session will immerse you in an active and empowering learning experience that will enhance your understanding of how to create impactful learning environments. The Simultaneous Learning professional learning experience includes: 

  • A copy of The Quick Guide to Simultaneous, Hybrid, and Blended Learning, available in print and eBook format
  • Live, synchronous interactive virtual sessions/webinars that explore developing learning experiences and tasks that maximize engagement for all learners in all settings, as well as utilize synchronous learning for scaffolding of content, skills, and essential understandings
  • An opportunity for teams to focus on learning acceleration and recovery and take what we've learned in the COVID-era to catapult our student's learning forward


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