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Releasing Leadership Brilliance

Releasing Leadership Brilliance
Breaking Sound Barriers in Education

Foreword by Russell J. Quaglia

February 2017 | 168 pages | Corwin

What separates good leaders from brilliant ones?

How do you successfully move your school or district from mediocrity to brilliance? Drawing on their vast expertise in the business and education worlds, the authors provide a simple and sustainable framework that will help you overcome educational inertia to reach new heights of achievement. The authors use the four forces of flight as a powerful metaphor:

  • Weight: Reveal your Personal Brilliance through self-discovery
  • Lift: Expand Collaboration Brilliance through collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Thrust: Drive Team Brilliance by encouraging smart risks and designing potent changes
  • Reduce Drag: Tap into Student Brilliance by unleashing imagination, resilience, and hope

With relevant case studies and tangible tools and techniques, Releasing Leadership Brilliance will show you how to make deep, lasting change in your school or district.

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"It’s unbelievable that this compact book could hold that much information and examples in only four chapters. Great read! Great examples! This book is a call to action. I’m unable to read this book and not want to try something new!"
Delsia Malone, Principal
W. E. Striplin Elementary, Gadsden, AL

“The quest to find our best selves, live our best lives, and shine with our own brilliance is the heart’s desire of every human being. NASSP supports Great Leaders in every school who are committed to the success of each student. Through this commitment we provide resources to school leaders as they journey to develop themselves, their teachers, and their students. NASSP enthusiastically endorses this book. This book is a brilliant light.”
Dr. Beverly Hutton
NASSP Deputy Executive Directer/Chief Program Officer

Watch as Simon Bailey and Marceta Reilly discuss Releasing Leadership Brilliance:

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Introduction: Applying the Physics of Flight to the Educational System
Chapter 1: Personal Brilliance—Knowing Yourself Gives You “Weight” for Flight
Chapter 2: Collaborative Brilliance—Broadening the Vision Gives You “Lift”
Chapter 3: Team Brilliance—Building Capacity to Collaborate Gives You “Thrust”
Chapter 4: Student Brilliance—Soars When You “Reduce Drag”
Chapter 5: Breaking Sound Barriers
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Appendices of Exercises in the Book
Recommended Reading List

"Finally! This book successfully brings forth both theory and tools for practitioners in the field, with the passion that calls to educators who want to achieve better outcomes for all students.  The stories of schools that have consistently improved, who have overcome the obstacles, and stopped talking about barriers but rather removed them together are powerful!  This book offers so many suggestions for how to achieve great results in any school or district, while highlighting the importance of all team members are leaders."

Lynn Lisy-Macan, Assistant Professor
University at Albany SUNY, NY

"This book is unique among books on leadership theory, change agency, and transformational change. Furthermore, it includes many tools to engage readers in the type of self-reflection that draws one into action."

Karen L. Tichy, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Saint Louis University, MO

"An easy read and full of excellent success stories.  Also, I liked the metaphor used as a framework for the book.  This book offers a simple and easy-to-understand way to look at changes that can make a difference in student learning and student efficacy.  I loved the many references to a broad range of other books that helped reinforce the points that were made. The tasks at the end of each chapter can be helpful as well."

Andy Tompkins, Former Commisioner of Education, Consultant
Regents Universities, Kansas

"What a fun, encouraging, doable, brilliant message for today’s educators on their way to becoming champions for all! This book is an essential next step for those aspiring leaders who are stuck in the overwhelming rut of professional development. It is a brilliant way to expand our thinking into practical ways of having thoughtful conversations with staff, students, parents, and community. Building a leadership conversation around the metaphor of flight is another brilliant move, as is the use of success stories from all walks of life. Can’t wait to get my own copy to underline, read, and re-read!!!"

Joan Hearne, Coordinator of Staff Development
Newman University and Wichita Public Schools, Kansas

"In their new book Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Breaking Sound Barriers in Education, Marceta Reilly and Simon Bailey have presented to educational  leaders a gift of their combined wisdom, experience and brilliance  They have created a unique multidimensional metaphor related to flight that they carry throughout the book,  providing depth and heart to the constructs they present about leadership.  Bailey and Reilly have presented a 'flight plan' of how school leaders can transform secondary schooling in the World. They present success stories from 'flight journals' from those in the field. They have provided much 'fuel' for us with the inclusion of the considerable research base on leadership that makes a difference. Not only have they presented illuminating research and stories, but they have enriched and expanded the information with interviews of those who have and are using best practices. The book contains the additional “thrust” of providing ready to use tools and activities for professional learning and collaboration within the organization.

"It’s been said that there are no magic bullets in education, but if you are a busy leader, looking for a new 'lift' in your leadership, you will want to keep this book close in your day to day work for informative and practical resources, knowledge and inspiration. You will want to use this book as the basis for fresh dialogue as you elevate your leadership and break sound barriers towards a brilliant education for those you serve. "

Diana Williams, Executive Leadership Coach
Williams, Richardson and Associates, Columbus, OH

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