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Nicole Law

Dr. Nicole Law is a dynamic and passionate educator who provides relevant professional development to schools and districts across the country. Nicole focuses her experience to present instruction on professional teacher teams, leadership improvement practices and structures, data analysis models, school improvement practices and structures, standards-based instruction and design, metacognitive teaching and learning practices, strategies for success in cognitively rigorous instruction and levels of depth of knowledge (DOK), effective teaching strategies for English Learners and students with special needs, as well as culturally responsive and equitable teaching practices.

Dr. Law has served as a curriculum coordinator for English language learners, cultural responsivity, AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination), district equity, and mathematics and science instruction in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, Indiana. In this position, Dr. Law created multi-layered and faceted professional development for teachers and administrators covering all aspects of directed programs and curricular areas. She has written curriculum in the areas of science, mathematics, and English language development. Nicole trained and supported administrators, teacher leaders, site coordinators, and school improvement teams in decision making for results, the data teams process, sub-group data dives, and gap reduction practices.   

Dr. Law completed her doctorate in educational leadership and policy. She has received various recognitions throughout her career, including the 2008 National Milken Award from the state of Indiana. Nicole resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Areas of expertise
  • Professional teacher teams 
  • Leadership improvement practices and structures 
  • Data analysis models 
  • School improvement practices and structures 
  • Standards-based instruction and design 
  • Metacognitive teaching and learning practices 
  • Strategies for success in cognitively rigorous instruction and levels of depth of knowledge (DOK) 
  • Effective teaching strategies for English learners and students with special needs 
  • Culturally responsive and equitable teaching practices