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Michael Salinger

Salinger, Michael

A fixture in the performance poetry and education community, Michael Salinger has been writing and performing poetry and fiction for over twenty years. His work has appeared in dozens of literary journals published in the U.S. and Canada, and he has coauthored two professional books with Sara: Outspoken! and High-Definition. Michael is also the founder and chief facilitator of the teen writing and performance program at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square Foundation--the second largest performing arts center in the United States after Broadway. 

Areas of expertise
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Writing Short Text to Improve Literacy
  • Vocabulary, and Comprehension Skills
  • Writing as a Route to Close Reading
  • Poetry Reading, Writing, and Curricular Continuum Consultation
  • IB, PYP and MYP
  • Inquiry-Based Curricular Experience


  • High Impact Writing Clinics: These clinics will get kids writing. Authors will show how to implement active literacy across the curriculum using creative writing, mentor texts, and close reading of texts of varying complexities designed to build content understanding and writing skills across grade levels and content areas. These writing clinics lead students to predict, synthesize, and retell.

    Authors will customize their presentation to meet the needs of the teachers, choosing from the 20 writing clinics contained in this teacher resource. Each writing clinic is designed to not only meet the Common Core Standards for English and language arts, but to go beyond, engaging students to increase and evidence their understanding of content area knowledge. Full or ½ Day.

  • Unforgettable Vocabulary Instruction: Lively strategies to convey deeper understanding of unfamiliar words through strategic word selection, collaboration, writing, and performance. This workshop will provide an engaging alternative to the look up, define, and put the word in a sentence paradigm, which is not only boring, it doesn't work. Persuasive, explanatory, descriptive and creative writing are all practiced and developed along with word knowledge. Particularly effective with second language learners.
  • Becoming Outspoken: From seat symphonies to collaborative presentations and solo performances, see how to improve student writing and communication skills through performance poetry. Teachers will learn how to build effective public speaking skills using short, expressive poems as text. Michael and Sara will share exercises that help speakers to use their PIPES, an acronym for projection, inflection, pacing, eye contact and stance. Teachers will learn how to set goals for lessons in public speaking and how to accurately assess speaking and listening skills.