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Lisa M. Hinkelman

Hinkelman, Lisa

Lisa Hinkelman is an experienced consultant who focuses on critical issues facing girls, such as bullying and relational aggression, child abuse and violence prevention, and other social, emotional, safety, and mental health issues.

Areas of expertise
  • Gender
  • Anti-bullying
  • Counseling
  • Cyberbullying
  • Confidence


  • What’s Going on For Girls and How We Can Help Them?: What do girls say are the big things going on in their lives? Why do girls have difficulty opening up to adults? What are the daily issues that girls are concerned with and what can hold them back from reaching their full potential? How can adults better connect with and support the girls in their lives? These, and many more questions, will be addressed in this seminar. The presenter will discuss research with over 3,000 girls in elementary, middle, and high school and will share information on what girls want and need from adults in their lives. From girl bullying, to safe dating, to academic and career development, this engaging and interactive presentation will leave you with concrete and evidence-based strategies to help the girls in your life become confident, competent, and courageous.


What People are Saying

“Dr. Hinkelman does a phenomenal job capturing the voices and personal experiences of girls across the nation and translates their struggles into positive strategies that can result in prolific outcomes.”

Anita Young, Johns Hopkins
University, Rockville, MD

“Dr. Hinkelman addresses well the challenges faced by girls today while affording her audience the tools and the courage necessary to undertake change."

Gregory Hodges, Trinity College
School, ON, Canada

“Hinkelman's advice, drawn from her own work with girls, is grounded in current research. While she emphasizes the important role that adults can and should play in helping girls reach their full potential, Hinkelman avoids characterizing girls as too vulnerable or needy. Instead she provides a roadmap for how girls and important adults in their lives can partner to foster girls' resilience during development."

Peggy Stubbs, Chatham College,
Pittsburgh, PA