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Kristen Nicole Swanson

Swanson, Kristen

Kristen Swanson helps teachers design meaningful, interactive curricula at the local and national level. She has taught at the elementary level, served as a regional consultant for Response to Intervention, and worked as an educational technology director for a public school district in Pennsylvania. 

Areas of expertise
  • Digital Learning
  • Professional Learning


  • Teaching the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards: Strategies and Digital Tools: In today's modern age, speaking and listening happens in both analog and digital spaces. The Common Core Standards emphasize these vital skills, and we must strive to explicitly teach our students how to speak and listen. This session will help teachers to identify specific instructional frameworks that they can use to cultivate adept communicators in the classroom.
  • Power Up Your Professional Development: Learning Digitally: How can we use social media and informal face-to-face learning opportunities to change the face of the education profession? Instructional power can come from the collaboration and connections afforded to us by the digital age. Learn how to harness the power of the interwebs to power up your personal professional development through reflection and contribution.