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Debbie E. Zacarian

Zacarian, Debbie

Debbie Zacarian is known nationally for her work in advancing student achievement, policies, programming and professional development with schools.  She is a popular and frequent speaker at national and international conferences of major education organizations, as well as state conferences throughout the United States.  

Areas of expertise
  • Academic Language
  • Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners
  • Staff Supervision
  • ELs
  • Instructional Leadership


  • Transforming practices using research-based tools: Discover how research-based evaluation tools can be used to supportively and successfully guide teachers and school leaders in meeting the needs of dynamically changing student and family populations. Learn more...
  • Unleashing the power of academic language: This professional development draws from extensive research to provide a four-pronged asset-based model for addressing the needs of academic language learners and helping their families to be actively engaged in their child's education. Learn more...
  • Transformational leadership and supervision practices for educators of English learners: Create, implement, and strengthen policies, decisions, and day-to-day operations for the benefit of this growing population within a whole-school context using research-based solutions and strategies. Learn more...
    Supporting success for beginning English learners: Discover how observation, interview, and reflection tools and activities can be used to build positive learning, school and parent engagement environments for a diverse population of beginning English Learners [ELs]. Learn more...