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Kristin Anderson

Kristin Anderson is an experienced and passionate educational leader and consultant who equips teachers and administration for impact through professional development in teaching, learning, and leadership.

Areas of expertise
  • Visible Learning
  • Trust & Self-Efficacy
  • Collective Efficacy
  • Assessment
  • LISC/Teacher Clarity
  • Literacy
Certified in
  • Visible Learning


  • Visible Learningplus Foundation Series. Begin your Visible Learning journey by building foundational knowledge of the Visible Learning research. Teachers and schools will be introduced to tools for gathering evidence in their schools and classrooms and to create a plan for making learning visible for all students.
  • Visible Learningplus Inside Series. Delve more deeply into a sprecific strand of Visible Learningplus or take the next step after the Foundation Series. Our team of consultants can help your educators master the practices that create the biggest gains in achievement for students by focusing on their areas of greatest need.
  • Overview of Rigorous Reading. Call it close reading, call it deep reading, call it analytic reading—call it what you like. By any name, it’s a level of understanding that students of any age can achieve with the right kind of instruction. In this seminar, participants will find an instructional plan articulated so clearly, and so squarely built on research, that teachers, schools, and districts need look no further.
  • Overview of Visible Learning in Literacy. This workshop demonstrates how using the right approach at the right time can help you more intentionally design classroom experiences that hit the surface, deep, and transfer phases of learning. This workshop covers Visible Learning research, its connections to surface, deep, and transfer learning as it relates to literacy, the most impactful approaches to use in each stage of learning, and the tools for measuring your impact on student learning.
  • Surface Learning. Surface learning isn’t superficial. A key foundation of surface learning is skills and concept development which sets the stage for deeper learning. This workshop focuses on practical approaches for surface learning through acquisition and consolidation using the Visible Learning research. Walk through different approaches and participate in demonstrated techniques that promote surface learning.
  • Deep Learning. Once students have consolidated surface learning, teachers can encourage learners to plan, investigate, and elaborate on their learning. This will nurture deep learning. This workshop focuses on practical approaches for deep learning using the Visible Learning research as a guide. Walk through different approaches and participate in the exercises that promote deeper learning.
  • Transfer Learning. All learning is transfer learning, provided understanding is involved. This workshop explores the importance of transfer learning, the paths that transfer learning can take, and the conditions needed for transfer. This workshop will also review strategies for teaching students to organize and transform conceptual knowledge. 
  • Determining Impact. What if we talked a bit less about teaching, and a bit more about learning? This workshop explores more deeply the importance of the effect sizes of different high impact approaches, and how to calculate your own effect size for classes and individual students. Learning how to determine your impact will build your sense of efficacy as well as empower you to share with peers and build collective teacher efficacy—the most effective strategy of all! This workshop will also review effective components of successful Response to Intervention (RTI) including screening, quality core instruction, progress monitoring, as well as supplemental and intensive intervention.   

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What People Are Saying...

District and School Leaders

“Kristin’s commitment, passion, and expertise were evident as was her ability to engage and relate to educators. Not only did our teachers gain knowledge and skills, but I know that it opened the door to future interest in these topics”

-Debra Asano, Associate Superintendent, Marquette Alger RESA, MI

“Kristin did an outstanding job of leading our team through a needs assessment and discussion around fully implementing Visible Learning. She could not have done a better job. A++”

-Heath Peine, Assistant Superintendent, Wellington Public Schools, KS

“Kristin Anderson is without a doubt one of the most positive, affirming consultants I have ever worked with; and I have worked with many! I had so many positive comments about the session from attendees.”

-Dr. Templeton, Assistant Superintendent, Willard Public Schools, MO

"Not only does Kristin Anderson know her stuff, she is able to connect with a wide variety of audience styles. Her abilities to 'read the audience', manage the pacing to keep all engaged, and constant checks for understanding have made her our most highly sought after trainer. Our schools are truly moving forward on their Visible Learning journey and we are indebted to Kristin for leading us in this initiative."

-Heidi Armstrong, Superintendent, Campbell-Kapolei Complex Area, HI

Thought Leaders

“When you combine enthusiasm, expertise, gravitas, listening, and fun you discover the essence of Kristin Anderson. Generous with her knowledge, empathetic in addressing queries, and with a depth of knowing that is relentlessly focused on working with educators to truly make the differences in the learning lives of leaders, teachers and students. I have known Kristin my many years and continue to be impressed with her commitment to this work – you will see it in every minute of being with her. Enjoy.”

-John Hattie, Professor of Education, University of Melbourne

“Kristin Anderson has the incredible talent for translating complex information into actionable ideas. She is an extremely talented presenter (as well as teacher and leader) who is passionate about educators and their ability to impact students’ learning. People leave her sessions informed and inspired, ready to implement. She builds relationships with the audience, while also growing the confidence and competence. Seriously, one session with Kristin will rock your world and you will wonder why it took you so long to engage with her.”

-Doug Fisher, Ph.D., Professor at San Diego State University, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Teacher Leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College